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PDF to Word transferPDF to Word transfer is easy with this PDF to Word Converter. Sometimes we need to transfer PDF record to an editable Word doc for revising the PDF files, then we need this program. There are many tools for users to change Adobe PDF to Word doc, we can't tell which one is the best. Which one is suitable for your need? Just get a free trial of the program. Here you can download the demo of this software, transferring PDF to Word in just 3 steps after installed the full version.

Add PDF files - select PDF pages - click "Convert" button.

The PDF to MS Word transfer extracts text, images, shapes from PDF file to Word and preserves the layout of paragraphs, columns, tables, margins, colors, fonts and bookmarks and even hyperlinks.

Support batch transfer, you can import PDF eBooks to the program without limitation of PDF pages and transfer them to Word Doc at one time. And partial transfer, customize the page ranges of each PDF eBooks in the interface for transfering.

Transfer encrypted PDF file to Word.

Owner Password: transfer PDF to Word directly.
User Password: enter password and transfer PDF to Word.

Support Word 2010 (.doc) 2007(.doc), 2003(.doc).

Free trial for different OS' PDF to Word transfer

PDF to Word transfer download PDF to Word transfer Free download

PDF to Word transfer for Mac download PDF to Word transfer Free download

Word to PDF transfer for Windows OS download Word to PDF transfer Free download

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